Senior Salute!

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Record a message recognizing your high school or college graduate to be a part of our on-air Grad Party weekend May 30-31!

It’s easy!  There are 3 ways to submit:

1. Dial 803-753-6818 to leave a recording

2. Record a message on your phone and email to

3. Record a message on your phone and text to 803-742-9430

At a loss for words??   Here are a couple of ideas as an example, but feel free to create your own message!  (Our programming team may edit if necessary)

Example A:  Hi, we’re the _____ family in (town) and our  son/daughter ____________, is graduating from _____________ with honors/scholarship/ and headed to__________. Good Luck! We are so proud of you!

Example B:  Hello, I’m _________________and I just wanted to say I love you, ___________, and I’m so proud of you and the Class of 2020! Go (team)!!