Welcome to Columbia’s All NEW 94.3 The Dude!

Columbia has always been a hallowed place for country music.  The great artists come here to play, but we have learned from asking you that country has been divided on the radio into all the songs you have loved forever and the last fifteen songs out of Nashville.  Somehow someone from out of town has mistakenly determined that Columbia country fans should hear only the last 15 songs recorded out of Nashville.  By themselves.  On the radio, over and over again.  Well, we love new country.  LOVE it!  But, we still think the same 15 songs played over and over won’t compare well to what Columbia country music fans want to hear on the radio here.

Undivided Country.

So, now you have a real choice, Columbia.

Welcome to your radio station that plays the whole country, and not just the last 15 songs out of Nashville.

Welcome to the NEW choice for country, where the songs are not determined by a corporation out of San Antonio, Texas.

This is the South Carolina state capital – not Texas.

Our decisions about the music we play are made in Columbia, South Carolina.

And we are not a big corporation.

Welcome to a station that is unafraid to play UNDIVIDED COUNTRY.

And, welcome back all those missing songs you love.